Make a Donation

 Three Ways to Donate

  via the EziDebit Portal, by Bank Transfer or our GoFundMe page


  Donations up to AUD 1,000
  Processed securely via EziDebit portal
  Credit card or bank transfer payment
  Tax deductible receipt (Australia only)  - generated automatically and send via email ASAP.

When you click to donate, you will be presented with a form to complete. Please fill in the "Your Reference" field with: GBMF and your surname (e.g GBMF Smith). This allows us to add your donation to the fund total shown on the website, which is done manually.

  Donate via EziDebit

Bank Transfer

  Donations over AUD 1,000
  Processed securely via HADA portal
  Internet bank transfer only
  Tax deductible receipt* (Aust. only)  - generated manually. Please see important instructions below.

For larger amounts or if you prefer to use bank transfer, please send to our partners HADA.

Westpac: HADA Relief Fund
BSB: 034-215
Account No: 28-3787
Reference: ZMB-500 + surname, eg ZMB-500 Smith
Overseas Donation Swift Code: WPACAU2S
Bank Details Westpac Southport,
18 Scarborough St, Southport, Qld 4215

*After making payment, donors must send an email to, and David will arrange a receipt. (Bank Deposit Statements include the depositor name but not an email address - sending an email will give this as well as notifying David.)

Read more about HADA


  Small to medium donations
  Not tax deductible
  Easy to share with friends
  Quick card payments, easily done on a phone

GoFundMe donations are simple and quick, especially if you are on a handheld device. You will be taken to the Graeme Blair Memorial Fund GoFundMe Page.

However, GoFundMe does require a "voluntary" tip which is somehow compulsory - you have to add it to your donation. We recommend you choose the 5% option. The tip can be reclaimed should you wish, through

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